Hi everyone!

This is Gyula from Tokoname Nanryou (Southern Hill) Community Center. For some mysterious reasons I’ll be working here as a kind of receptionist and multifunctional staff, actually I’m from Hungary.
Tokoname is famous mainly for it’s ceramic traditions, teacups, teapots etc… However Chubu International Airport ( Centair )is also located in Tokoname city. The airport is named after Nagoya because it bigger than Tokoname, but believe me Tokoname is much more cooler than Nagoya, Nagoya is just so creepy!><
Not so much foreigner lives here in Tokoname I think, but since I came here, I felt that “Tokanameian’s” are very kindhearted, and open for every kind of foreign culture.

Nanryou Center is located south from the city center, honestly it is a little bit of a remoted area, but even so, the visitors and costumers of Nanryou are doing activities like oil painting, bread making, belly dance, social dance, boys scout, yoga and so on… of course there are many “japanese” cultural activities as well. Visitors can use sport facilities such as tennis court, basket/volley ball court, which are very popular.

Also Nanryou is famous for it’s Captain, Shirotarou the Goat!
Shirotarou mainly serves his duties in the woods of Nanryou. For  example tomorrow he will open “Nanryou Mori” for the public. This event is called Outdoor Kitchen Grand Open which will be held on the 16th and 17th of April.
From now on, costumers will be able to rent the outdoor facilities for various activities, such as BBQ, pizza party, grill party etc… Gradually days will be warmer, I think may and june will be tha perfect time to orginaze some outdoor fun.

Well this was my first article in english, I hope we’ll meet soon. Please get in contact with us anytime!



photo, article: Gyula